GEKKO labeling control system

With an excellent ability to adapt GEKKO easily integrated in all environments of labeling technology.

GEKKO is a compact and smart control with a thick skin - ideal for harsh environments. Located in an elegant aluminium housing, the device can be integrated in all areas of application.

Optimization of performance, function and price are not opposites, but were consistently implemented at GEKKO.

With around 30 years of experience in the labeling technology includes GEKKO valuable know-how.


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Precision accurate to the point
efficient | dynamic | precise

The high-efficiency 350 W power amplifier (1.000 W peak power) in connection with our dynamic stepper motor bring the power precisely to the point. And over the entire speed range of up to 100 m/min without substantial heating. GEKKO is cool!

GEKKO 140 is the little brother of the GEKKO 350. With its efficient 140 W power output stage it reaches a maximum feed rate of up to 50 m/min.

All other functions are the same: GEKKO 140 includes the same features, the identical operation and same plug connectors as GEKKO 350.

Both GEKKO variants are powered by the same highly dynamic stepper motor (7 Nm).


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Full Featured
Diagnose | AutoLearn | Skip

  • diagnostic menu for easy commissioning and clear presentation of processes
  • auto-learn mode for automatic scanning of labels
  • skip mode to skip defects on the label liner
  • synchronisation by WideRange-pulse generator or analog tachometer
  • programmable inputs for flexible flow control
  • switchable password protection
  • adjustable working parameters
  • 20 memory locations for label and setting data

Communicative & flexible
SPS | RS232 | CAN

Via standardized DSUB connector, the controller can be easily connected to a PLC.
In addition, a RS232 interface is integrated as standard. This can parameterize, monitor and visualize the control. Expansion modules can be connected via the CAN bus.

Plain text for all
Polyglott | HotKey | Backlight

The clearly structured control panel allows intuitive operation. All settings and message texts can be customized deposited in up to ten different languages. German and English are integrated as standard in all models. The accompanying PC software Textprogrammer can be obtained free of charge from our website (>>products >> GEKKO accessories >> GEKKO Software).

The programmable hotkey button enables the user to activate any of the parameters for direct access. The white LCD backlight in combination with a modern transflective display ensures excellent readability even under difficult conditions.

IP54 | ExtTableau | I/OExpander

Optionally, the unit can be fitted in the tightness class IP54. Thereby the complete connector box is expanded with a pipe cap. For space-saving design, the control panel can be mounted separately. The panel with dimensions of only 160 x 120 x 32 mm can be mounted in the operating area and the control system disappears into the machine.

Expansion modules with custom functions can be integrated via the CAN bus.

Textprogrammer | HippoForGekko

Foreign language files can be transferred with Textprogrammer to the control system via the RS232 interface.

HippoForGekko is a PC tool to read all parameter settings of the labeling control system, to save it in a file and load it again to a (further) control. It is a simple tool for backing up or copying all parameter sets of a control system via the RS232 interface.

consulting | planning | service

For about 30 years our company plans, develops and produces control systems for special machinery in close cooperation with our customers. All development steps as well as the manufacturing are performed in-house.

If you describe us your specific application, we can configure the device accordingly on delivery.


For more information/consultation please contact Mr. Weigand:

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+49 (0) 71 57-622 64


Why “GEKKO”?

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Documentation GEKKO labeling control


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